ROMOMATTER is based on the principles and tools of Participatory Action Research processes designed collaboratively between multidisciplinary experts at multiple levels that entail evidence-based and discursive-based approaches. This methodology gives real power to participants to influence decisions affecting their life while incorporating best available evidences. This approach has been used, for instance, in the evaluation of the National Roma Integration Strategy’s health component in Spain and its adaptations at the local level in Polígono Sur district (Seville). Participatory Action Research with Roma girls (RGPAR) is the most suitable method for ROMOMATTER because:

  • It is guided by community youth’s needs and resources, giving voice to the most silenced groups to identity their needs and advocate for their rights, driven by their strengths and cultural patterns.
  • It will be implemented by alliances between significant community agents and researchers in all project phases.
  • Requires the use of strategies such as: participatory observation, problem framing processes through creative means, biography, autobiography, testimonials, field notes and secondary documentary analysis in order to develop a deep understanding of geographic contexts, use of spaces and the role of community resources, etc.
  • Directs transformative actions promoted by social justice for and by youth through granting them power to decide and implement actions while giving them capacity to adjust to their needs and local characteristics.
  • Generates processes that monitor and combat discrimination, racism and sexism in research/action through ongoing reviews in decision making.
  • It is committed to taking stock, assuring sustainability and improving quality. This includes processes and indicators that allow for observation of developed initiatives function and effectively engage available resources.

Work plan - Structure and complementarity of the work packages:

Figure 1. Work plan overview