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Empowering Roma Girls' Mattering through Reproductive Justice

RoMOMatteR is a transnational project that aims to tackle gender discrimination by empowering Roma girls to envision their own futures and choose motherhood only if and when they are ready.

Our Work


Of psychosocial patterns in different countries that drive Roma girls to become mothers.

Deep analysis

Of the discriminatory mechanisms that are present in participating countries and how they affect Roma girls’ decisions about motherhood.

Creation of spaces

For Roma girls and stakeholder facilitators to identify their needs and strengths and take action.

Building communities

Fostering a sense of community while promoting reproductive justice in public services and community resources.

Resource Promotion

Support Roma girls' use of individual, relational, and collective strengths (i.e., knowledge, skills, networking) using available resources in their communities.

Empowered girls

Empower Roma girls in at-risk contexts to make their own decisions about motherhood.

Romomatter Project Final Conference
June 14-16, 2021 Online

RoMoMatter in Action

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