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Empowering Roma Girls' Mattering through Reproductive Justice

RoMOMatteR is a transnational project that aims to tackle gender discrimination by empowering Roma girls’ mattering to help them envision their own futures and choose motherhood only if and when they are ready.

Expected Results


Of the psychosocial patterns that drive Roma girls to make the decision of being mothers in the different participating countries as well as the impacts of such decision.

Deep analysis

On how discriminatory and oppressive mechanisms are present in every poor context of the participating countries, how these are manifested and how they affect Roma girls’ decisions on being mothers and deal with their motherhood.

Creation of spaces

In which Roma girls along with stakeholder facilitators will identify their needs and strengths, design actions, implement, evaluate and provide feedback.


Fostering a sense of community and promote the values of reproductive justice in public services and community resources.

Working Resources

Deepen knowledge on how Roma girls combine the development of individual, relational, and collective strengths (i.e., knowledge, skills, networking) using available resources in their communities.

Empowered girls

Reverse the discrimination suffered by Roma girls due to teenage motherhood in at-risk contexts through an empowering process that links Roma girls’ mattering to reproductive justice.

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